Manick Sorcar is undoubtedly a top expresser of the US Indian immigrant experience. His illustrations, touching the heart of cultural integration challenges, are compiled in two volumes--The Melting Pot, Indians in America, and Spices in the Melting Pot.

-Hinduism Today, August 1998

"Let us laugh at ourselves...Manick Sorcar is a necessary by-product of the first generation of immigrants' teething troubles in the United States...(his cartoons) illuminate the viewer with a smile and raise a hearty chuckle"

-India Tribune, Chicago, USA

Here we see another aspect of Sorcar's engagement with newsprint. His cartoons are based on his immigrant experiences in America. In the early 1980s, over two dozen newspapers and magazines published Sorcar's hilarious cartoons.

Sorcar has published two books of cartoons highlighting the rib-tickling aspects of the day to day lives of Indian-Americans. The first was The Melting Pot: Indians in America and the second was Spices in the Melting Pot.

"...His cartoons serve the therapeutic function of letting others know that they ar not suffering alone, but that many Indians face the same dilemmas and compromises"

- India West, California, 1982

His cartoons have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines including India Abroad, AIINA (Asian Indians in North America), The Link, Hinduism Today, India West, India Tribune, NABC Magazines, Antorik, Ananda Bazar Patrika, Paribartan, Desh among many others. He is currently writing his third cartoon book which will be released in late 2004.

The Melting Pot: Indians in America

A popular compilation of cartoons depicting the lives of first generation South Asians in America.
Spices in the Melting Pot

A highly successful compilation of cartoons depicting the lives of second generation South Asians and funny incidents surrounding their everyday lives.

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